From the opera to the football, or how to get new fans with Real time marketing

How to get new fans online by following what’s popular in your country and the world?

”Today the media is free but attention isn’t” says Seth Godin

Here’s why real time marketing is so popular.

Thanks to social media all the news are being born and grow old in a couple of days. They are replaced by something newer, better and brighter. Just a tiny amount of brands are clever enough to catch the wave and ride it, to get ahead of time and catch the viewers attention taking advantage of the interesting news. Their quick and adequate reaction helps them win the attention of a bigger audience and stay relevant longer than their competition. Thanks to their speed and agility those brands manage to win the smiles of their users and catch the attention of new potential clients, who are following the topic.

Real time marketing is a fashionable trend in the whole world but it’s rarely well done in Bulgaria. Recently we noticed a great example of real time marketing associated with an event which got quite popular in Bulgaria. The world was shocked to learn that the Hiroshima’s war memorial was desecrated by a few opera singers with a football slogan. A lot of brands responded to the shocking news with relevant messages in the social media.


(Let’s be fans of places, not just teams – post translation)

The imminent results were quick and effective. People were shocked and wanted to talk about it everywhere. Here’s how we caught the wave from our clients facebook page. Their audience loved it and many other people joined their following.

To have a successful campaign of this type, you need to follow a few simple rules:

1. The topic has to be relevant to the company’s tone of communication

To have a successful campaign it’s not necessary for the brand to try to catch every viral news. If the situation that got popular has nothing to do with the brand or the product/service they offer, the company risks a failure.

2. The topic has to be beneficial to the company

When creating such campaign it’s important for the marketing team to think ahead of time and predict the results of the campaign before they start communicating with the audience on the topic. They have to predict what would the positive and negative sides would be for the company’s sales and client’s approval. If the popular event has a few similarities with the brand or their tone of voice it would probably be a good idea to react to the event. But if what’s happening has nothing to do with the company, sometimes it’s better to skip the news reaction and wait for a better chance to catch the wave.

3. The topic shouldn’t put the company in bad light in front of their current and potential audience

Unfortunately a lot of companies are trying to make themselves famous with awful and out of place creative. Here everyone should follow the simple saying ”If it’s not beneficial to the brand don’t do it”  If the popular topic is not consistent with the brands opinion or puts the company in a moral dilemma it’s better for the marketing team to skip the topic and wait for a better one to come up.

Properly used the real time marketing and a non stop activity in the social media can bring the brands a great amount of new followers and have a positive response from their current audience. Online activity can help customer service improvement and have positive results on the company’s sales.

Unnecessary or unpleasant reactions can worsen the company’s name and rating in front of their current audience. Here’s why companies should be very careful when trying to accomplish an effective real time marketing campaign.