Get to know the Social Freaks: Pepa

Pepa is the new addition to our team, but after going through a 3-month internship, she is a full-fledged freak. She studies master’s degree “Advertising, Innovative Marketing and Brand Management” at the weekends. During the week, she loads our office with her positive energy and her wide smile is all because of her loved ones and the thing that energises her the most-music. She is always on the go and busy as a bee.

If you want some positive energy, read more about her below.

  1. Pepa is…?

Sometimes she is naively positive. Sometimes naively good. But always real. Being organized is really important for her and she tries to be tidy, at least in her thoughts. – It does not apply to crazy moments, they are all left to the emotion.

  1. How do you get inspired?


When I meet people who are living their lives to the full and have ideas and goals;

Other thing that inspires me are views that just take my breath away, stop me in my step and make me daydream…

Оr when I gather a pile of wonderful warm moments with my favorite creatures.

  1. What is social media for you?

 Social media is the media that gives you freedom, the uncensored one. A place where you can come out the way you want to be perceived.


  1. Why Social Freaks?

Because, I looked for a job, on which I won’t feel like I’m working. 😉


  1. If you could meet your younger self, what advice would you give yourself??

To be a little bolder, to believe in herself and to enjoy every little moment.


  1. A new beginning or an unexpected end?

Often the unexpected end leads to a new beginning. But who said that this should be bad? Whatever ends, it ends with a reason and what comes – it has to come. The wheel is spinning, it can not always be down and sooner or later everything is stacked in a much more better way.


  1. Favorite advertising campaign?

I love ads in which it is clearly shown the place they are intended for and the consumers that will be influenced by them. An ad in this style is:

And is there anybody who doesn’t like sweets?

I like advertisements that create stories, without giving a thousand reasons why you should buy a product.


And last but not least, I am very entertained by comparative provocative ads. It’s a pity that in Bulgaria we don’t have such a freedom.



  1. Make a wish to our readers. 

I will wish them to be real. Individuality is the best in each of us, so I advise them to get into the “Rock on” mode .J

We hope we’ve energized you. If so, follow us. (Facebook is a good alternative, too  -> )  😉

Elitsa Mihaylova

Ely establishes a web design and multimedia studio in 2003. She gets a Marketing MBA from City University of Seattle and then she gives wings to her to love to marketing and digital world by creating "Social Freaks". Ely will love your brand and will commit to its evolution, will show you if you are making a mistake, she will create a strategy development plan and will make your brand flourish. And when she is not talking about bussiness, you may hear her sing in a night club for her hobby.