Say “Aloha” to creativity

“Aloha” to creativity

Travel is one of the most beloved of all our experiences, which brings us unforgettable memories and emotions. From a business point of view, the most important thing is customer satisfaction and loyalty. And the easiest way to make money is through content creativity and added value. We are going to introduce our client – Aloha Travel, a colorful travel brand that has put its trust in our creativity.

For our other clients and for Aloha Travel we try to give a different and creative presentation in social media. In the article, we will introduce you to the content we are preparing for them on Facebook. To begin with, our collaboration starts with the brand birthday, and here’s a post we prepared for the holiday:


• We prepared “Curious” sections to tell users interesting facts that they hardly know about a destination


 Posts to engage users with

Bagajaloha holiday - facebook post #1 - 22.10Aloha_whytravelAloha_TagAloha_engagement

 Image posts

Summer Salesaloha travel facebook post - 14.11Aloha_V&SPAexpoAloha_Velikden_march`19

• Creative celebration of holidays


• We implemented Real Time Marketing


• Funny post for Fun Day


• Games to engage the audience

Folow the signsDestinacii_Egipet7

• Topics that introduced the audience to different destinations



The world is full of exotic and fabulous destinations, and we are loaded with adventurous spirit and a suitcase full of creative ideas. That’s why we love to always give our customers valuable tips for their future adventures, congratulate them on the holiday in an exciting way, and provoke them to discover new unprecedented destinations. And if you want a ticket to some creative island, you can follow us. 🙂

Galq have a Bachelor's degree in Marketing & Advertising from which follows the digital marketing to become an integral part of her life. She is young, energetic, responsible and open to new knowledge. She describes herself as a person who handles hardships, loves challenges, and strives to achieve everything she puts her focus on.