Catch the trend

New trends in the world of digital marketing flood us daily and offer us new and untested ways to reach the old, familiar goals – attracting and retaining consumer interest. So was the brief from the marketing departments of Mall Galleria Burgas & Mall Galleria Stara Zagora when they decided to take advantage of the hot current trend – the mass psychosis that swept our nation as know as the National Lottery.

Their insight came quite right in time, just before our annual Easter campaign for Malls Galleria Burgas & Galleria Stara Zagora and the idea the client had was to connect the campaign to the popular scratch card mechanics because it is simple, effective and people obviously like it frankly too much. This is how our lucky slogan and visual was created:


The scratch card itself also slightly resembled the visual layout and concept of the famous lottery tickets.


And cheerful visuals with curious white bunnies flooded the city:


The campaign was so successful that we positively wanted to repeat the same mechanics and see if it would produce the same results without the festive, lucky element of the holidays. So we thought it’s appropriate to try it with the annual “Summer Sales” campaign at Galleria Burgas & Galleria Stara Zagora.

Influenced by the summer visions of beach, sea and hot emotions, our main visual for the campaign was born and it is just as colorful, fresh and full of life as a real summer day… and we have so many prizes this time that everything is literally “flooded with prizes”:


This time, the presence of scratch cards is not necessary as a key element in the visual, because the mere mention of the word “prizes” is enough to provoke a sudden keen interest in consumers. The cards themselves became visually appealing and eye-catching:


This visual is especially successful in other formats, such as video or non-standard Instagram posts:


As we suspected, the campaign has been hugely successful since its launching and we will share hot real results really soon, so follow us. And stay tuned to global and local trends, choose the best performing strategies (or listen to your clients when they come to you with great insight and campaign mechanism ), and successfully break them through your own, creative prism.

Alex believes in the magical power of words to transform reality. She says she’s a dreamer and visionary, but is aware that the world is changing when you take responsibility, roll up your sleeves and get the job done. She’s a PR graduate, but quickly realizes she’s a copywriter at heart. She likes to know all sorts of things on all sorts of topics, to delve into one’s thoughts, or in the books, or in the stars.