Enough nonsense! (or how we work for the financial sector)

For a long time, the financial activity of the quick loans sector has been perceived and validated among people as a reliable way to get money almost instantly. Online, with just a few clicks, you can apply and get a feedback in a matter of minutes. One way to win customers is with creative visions and messages to make them so at ease that it all happens exactly as our customer likes to say ”Click-click-click – and you’re back in the game!

Let us introduce you to Credissimo

Credissimo is first and foremost a consumer-oriented company. All solutions are in response to the needs and desires of their customers. In order to be as convenient as possible for everyone, they were the first company in Bulgaria to offer a completely online loan application. If there is need of money, everyone has the opportunity to apply online, completely free and safe. All you need is the internet, and an intermediary is not required. To like each other with a brand like Credisssimo was not a big surprise for us. They are freaks and have been talking to us for years, “Enough nonsense!”, and we are … well freaks.

New agency and old visual style

In our blog we have dozens of case studies for rebranding and a new working visual style. That did not happen with Credissimo, and there was no need. We are convinced that you know about our client, who differs enough in his communication from other fast loan companies in the financial sector. The atypical for the Bulgarian market painted style was one of the things that absolutely had to be preserved and upgraded. To some extent it was a challenge, and on the other a pure advantage. To the laid foundation of brand identity, we added more isometry in contrasting and bright colors that grab you at first sight. And there are three main ingredients for achieving wonderful visuals – creative insight, adherence to high aesthetic standards and the last one … it remains a company secret. The freaks engaged their challenge-hungry brains, and the machine started working. We started smoothly with creative visual suggestions and copies so we can predispose the audience and the client itself to the changes we thought were appropriate.

And so a month later, the real creative takeover was there.

As we predicted, the creative downpour turned into torrential rain.


In addition, we activated the client’s presence on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 13.27.25

We also experimented with new interactive and unexpected formats.

Let’s not forget about the stories in which we tried to give the most useful and interesting information for fans of this format. We emphasized on topics, which were interesting for both our client’s business and us. We also managed to strengthen the section “Did you know that …”, in which the main topic is the curious facts about currencies around the world and finances in general.


In addition to the rubrics, we tried to deliver one smile a day with the uplifting playful stories.


In conclusion – when we talk about creative, there are brands and situations in which a solid old foundation is sufficient for the development and upgrading of brand communication. We added value with the rubrics “Quote of the day”, “Customer reviews”, “Did you know …”, the more comprehensive #CredissimoTips and formats “Do you think this is fast? ” and with various games for Valentine’s Day and guessing the face in Credissimo’s new TV clip. Users started interacting with us when we asked them non-standard questions, we were happy when they were surprised by our interesting facts and we shivered when they tried to guess whether Krasi Radkov was the face of the new video or not.

In the process of upgrading the style, we aimed to present the visual part in a fresher, humorous and understandable style for our target group. By visually recreating the daily activities and thoughts of the brand’s users in a fun way, we were able to attract their interest, as they found it easy to make an association with themselves.

For entertainment and solutions in the financial sector, follow Credissimo, and of course, for creativity and marketing, welcome to us. 🙂

Galq have a Bachelor's degree in Marketing & Advertising from which follows the digital marketing to become an integral part of her life. She is young, energetic, responsible and open to new knowledge. She describes herself as a person who handles hardships, loves challenges, and strives to achieve everything she puts her focus on.