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We were discoverers for Easter

This year for Easter we wanted to make an interesting and interactive cross-campaign for our client – mall Galleria Stara Zagora and Burgas. We were inspired by the growing trend among customers to participate in games related to discovery activities, and while all the others were painting and breaking eggs, we chose to hide in them fashionable stylized holiday symbols. We decided the online campaign to start 5 days before the big holiday and every day to post a video on Facebook and Instagram with a specific Easter symbol: a rabbit, a lamb, a basket of eggs, a chicken and a ladybug.

For the Holy Thursday, we chose a rabbit with modern glasses.


On 6 of April – Good Friday, the symbol was a lamb with a red scarf.

On Holy Saturday an Easter basket was hidden in the egg.


On the first Easter day, a chicken with a stylish bow tie was in the egg.


On the second day of Easter, the symbol of the day was a ladybug with an elegant hat.



The offline communication started 10 days earlier with the teaser message “Open Egg. Reward me! “. The campaign was promoted on billboards, city lights, and mall branding.


Our call to online users was to take a photo or screenshot of the post with the symbol of the day and show it to a promoter in a specially made holiday corner next to the Information Desk in the malls. In front of the promoter, we put a beautifully decorated basket full of bright red eggs which can be opened, and every day a different Easter symbol was placed in them. In order to participate in the campaign, a customer had to show to the promoter a photo with the symbol of the day, choose an egg from the basket and find out if the same Easter symbol is hidden in it. For the participants with matching symbols, there was an award – participation in а lottery to win 1 of 10 colorful bluetooth music speakers.

easter2_refined  easter_refined



The campaign reached 186,617 online users with nearly 1,000 reactions on the posts, and the videos with the symbols were viewed over 25,000 times. 283 clients took part in the lottery, and 10 lucky ones won 1 colorful music speaker. The winners were selected on the last day of Easter, which made the holiday for them even more colorful.






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