Children’s Day – How to Celebrate Ice Cream

Where to go with the children for this year’s Children’s Day?

A question that each parent has asked himself while looking for ways to surprise the kids for the Children’s Day holiday. Luckily, this year’s holiday was on Saturday,1st of June,  so we decided to turn it into a Children’s Weekend at Delta Planet Mall.There are many reasons for everyone to love ice cream. We did our best to give many more reasons for parents and children to visit ICE CREAM 1 JUNE in Delta Planet Mall.

GOAL: Increased foot flow during the weekend.

BRIEF: Promote the events from the weekend program.

SOLUTION: Creative key visual which unites the design direction of other events’ visuals. In order to direct the visitors exclusively to one event, we decided to create ICE CREAM 1 JUNE Facebook event. Every day we revealed one of the event-surprised.

The beginning of one great idea, child-like started with a #game. We shared the event link in a Facebook game (click here) with attractive prizes – 36 children’s photo sessions. The terms for participation was that each users has to check as “going to” the event and share in a comment below the post with whom they would like to visit it.

Children's Day

The game triggered great interest and positive emotions in the parents, who signed up for the game till the end.

Our key visual is colorful, fresh and candylike – created with the idea to unite the design direction of other events’ visuals. We only added graphic elements to each event for reference.


Here is our Program for Chlidren’s Day 2019:

Children's Day

During the celebrations for Children’s Day, Delta Planet Mall turned into the Planet of Games & Free Ice Cream, and each kiddo that joined the adventure, won a voucher for free ice cream.


We can’t wait to show your our cool video, so hit the PLAY button and enjoy an ice cream while watching it.


REACH: over 72 000



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