Galleria Loyalty Card – Every time you get more!

About 5 years ago, our clients Galleria Burgas & Galleria Stara Zagora launched a large-scale project, that has never been done before in the mall marketing sector in Bulgaria. The project was called Galleria Loyalty Club and quickly gained popularity and started its own life in the online and offline.

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Its main idea is this – Galleria Loyalty Club is a loyalty program for customers of Galleria Burgas & Stara Zagora, that rewards the holders of Galleria Loyalty Card, with points and awards for purchases made at Galleria’s stores. The original visual, however, was too heavily branded for our taste, so we started rebranding of the entire program, making it much more colorful and appealing:


We also changed some of the concept details and Loyalty Card was divided into two categories – BASIC & VIP, with VIP card holders having access to a private club in the mall that can be used for rest, business meetings, special events, etc.

There is another advantage for customers – the loyal program has a list of discounts from most tenants as well as other promotional offers, which is certainly a good motivation to get and use your card.

GB-brochure-2017-vip_outside_23.01 GB-brochure-2017-vip_inside_23.01

To make it more convenient to use the loyalty program, an online store has been built in which customers see in real time the available prizes, the number of points accumulated in their own account, and information about past transactions.



The store is extremely easy to use, with a clean design and a simple menu. Its physical expression is a beautifully branded showcase, located in the mall, that contains all available prizes you can choose from.

Customers quickly discovered the huge benefit of the card and the campaign was so successful that it started to take part in most of our digital and cross-campaigns.

One of our favorite campaigns is the “Back to School” campaign, which is bound to the loyal program every year. The available prizes are backpacks, branded with the Galleria logo, which are really useful to customers, and serve as advertising for the brand. And so undoubtedly we solve at least one problem of the parents of students who are overwhelmed by chaos on the first school day:


In previous years, customers were even given the option of using a small part of the points collected on their cards to “buy” a backpack to disadvantaged children, which is another star for the brand image as it also shows its social responsibility.

In other cases, when the prizes themselves are very attractive, visual communication with them becomes extremely enjoyable, leading to massive consumer approval. This is just the case with our Saint Valentines campaign:


The undisputed success of our Loyalty Card program, which is the only running loyal program for a shopping center in Bulgaria, shows that this is one of the best applied ideas that is extremely useful to the marketing team  of the shopping center to attract and retain loyal customers.

And you, be loyal to our blog, we continue to add value.

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