Get to know the Social Freaks: Galya

We present to you Galya – our new freaky fury. She has Bachelor’s degree in “Marketing and Advertising” and digital marketing is her true passion. Galya is energetic and responsible and at the same tame she has this irresistible and contagious adventure spirit.  Immerse yourself in her gripping energy in the line below.

1. Galya is…?

Highly motivated, fresh freak.

2.  How do you get inspired? 

I get inspired by meetings with ambitious, motivated people who know what they want and how to get it.

3. What is social media for you? 

It’s what everybody loves.

4. Why Social Freaks? 

Because here is the coolest team of young professionals from whom you can learn a lot. There is no limit to their creativity and they achieve every set goal.

5. If you could meet your younger self, what advice would you give yourself? 

Do not be afraid of the new challenges.

6. A new beginning or an unexpected end? 

Both are important. The new beginning opens new doors to us and brings new challenges, but the unexpected end shows us our mistakes and teaches us what we need to change in the future to be more successful.

7. Favorite advertising campaign? 

Definitely Coca-Cola Christmas Ads! Always manage to inspire my Christmas spirit and awaken my inner child.

8. Make a wish to our readers. 

Believe in yourself and in the success you can achieve.

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Alex believes in the magical power of words to transform reality. She says she’s a dreamer and visionary, but is aware that the world is changing when you take responsibility, roll up your sleeves and get the job done. She’s a PR graduate, but quickly realizes she’s a copywriter at heart. She likes to know all sorts of things on all sorts of topics, to delve into one’s thoughts, or in the books, or in the stars.