Get to Know the Social Freaks: Ilina

Her name is Ilina and at Social Freaks her field is Social Media Manager.

And since her creative energy is limitless you can see her being creative after working hours doing her projects: Humans of Plovdiv и Busy Humans, photo blogs that tell the stories of people.

Ilina about herself:

How do you get inspired?

Spontaneously. From things that I see in a new and different way or redefine.

What is social media for you?

Social media is simply a platform. And if you have something meaningful to say or show people might give you their attention

Why Social Freaks?

Because they are cool! Creative, noisy and outside of the box. I love people who make me use my head.

4. If you could meet the younger Ilina what would say to her?

Not to be afraid and to be even bolder and never miss an opportunity. There is nothing more tragic in life that wasted opportunities.

A new beginning or an unexpected end?

A new beginning, always! I somehow see the new beginning as a new book or I new diary I start – I learn as I go, I fill it up page after page, I have no idea what’s coming next and I’m always impatient to go further. And just like that, without knowing it, there are no pages left and I’ve learnt much more about myself and the world.

Where to now? (any new projects)

I’ve got tons of ideas! So many I don’t even know what to do with them – maybe I should learn how to sell them. 🙂 But for now all my plans are focused on taking my projects to the next level: Humans of Plovdiv и Busy Humans – blogs where I share stories about people and their portraits.

Favourite advertising campaign?

You got me thinking. I definitely love ad campaign with a story – the ones that hit you right in the heart. I strongly believe that only stories are capable to change lives, have an a long-lasting effect and inspire change. So I must say Dove “Real Beauty Sketches” – such a powerful message. This campaign still makes me cry every time I watch it.

What are your wishes to the readers of the blog?

Read it more often! We are a bunch of cool wordy writers who need an audience.

P.S. 1 – You just met another sweetheart!

P.S. 2 – You are a sweetheart yourself!

P.S. 3 – Thank you for being our reader.

P.S. 4 – Now think of a dream.

P.S. 5 – It’s time to make it come true because “tomorrow” is just a dream away from your today.

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