How to present an attractive value proposition in the framework of an exhibition?

Over the years, we have often been able to work with large brands, but our meeting with Haval is special in itself, because it has given us the opportunity to observe the introduction of an already developed brand within a brand new market – in this case the Bulgarian market.

Haval is a brand that appeared in our country only two years ago, but quickly entered the territory and gained a place as a quality, luxury and affordable SUV. Most of the campaigns we’ve implemented for Haval so far have been purely image-focused, and have focused on increasing recognition of the brand, which is still the No. 1 brand of SUVs in China, with over 5 million sales already.

During the annual organization of the Sofia Motor Show the time has come for a different campaign that communicates a specific and attractive value proposition. The brief was clear – to create a concept for a communication campaign, focusing on the attractive proposal. In this case, the proposal itself was unusually good – a 15% discount, for an extended period of time, not just until the end of the exhibition itself, as is generally practiced. Because we understand that such a large-scale step as buying a car is a time-consuming solution and we will gladly help our potential customers by enabling them to think and decide without the tension and bustle of an event of this magnitude. And a 15% discount at such a final price is certainly not to be underestimated – these are over BGN 7,000, which can turn into an extra set of tires or fuel for a half-world trip, or whatever you can think of. And as you have more time to decide, you can also figure out exactly how to use this saved resource. 😊

In order to prepare ourselves well for our new task, we decided to meet the new Haval – H6, in order to get a complete sense of the brand, how it communicates with potential new customers and to experience the real excitement of the first date. So we signed up for a test drive as “mystery shoppers” so we wouldn’t get special attention from the merchant.

Fortunately, the brand and the car itself exceeded our expectations – the service was extremely high, and the Haval H6 – ready to fall in love with it. With its intuitive handling, futuristic interiors, subtle details and dozens of driver assistance systems, this SUV has literally taken our minds. So, loaded with gigantic enthusiasm, tons of good impressions, and super kindly sent by the dealers in the dealership, we quickly began to create and try to recreate the incredibly good feeling this meeting brought us.

Although initially timid, attracting attention as an “exciting stranger”, Haval quickly gained the necessary dose of popularity and confidence, so our message was already completely different – this is not a car you do not know, you have met it before, and now you just have to relax in its pleasant company and allow yourself to be truly impressed. The new slogan we have chosen for the campaign shows exactly this confidence and determination:




Both of our suggestions for slogan visuals turned out so well that the client could not choose his favorite and ultimately decided to use both. 😊 The value proposition of 15% discount was also quite emphasized and definitely attracted the attention.


Various visuals were prepared for online and offline communication. We also included even radio advertising.


We also added a stylish, luxurious voucher to the printed materials, which contains the opportunity to use the 15 percent discount and take advantage of the great offer even outside the event of the Sofia Motor Show.  The voucher communicates the spirit of the brand well, emphasizing the exquisite shape of the car and the dynamics it carries:


For Social Media the main visual also had a finished and attractive look, and we even managed to show the beauty of Haval H6 in different perspectives:


Our long-term partnership with Haval has enabled us to support its good brand positioning, but also to test our ability to present compelling sales offers that add value not only to customers but also to the brand itself.

And now we are looking forward to the next challenges that await us with Haval and the automotive industry in the country. And you should always keep an eye on us to learn about our new challenges and the techniques we use to overcome them. 😊

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