Sevtopolis Medical and SPA Hotel – rebranding and creative concept for transforming a brand

Rebranding and creative transformation of a hotel

The brand is the identity of each company, and branding is the collection of all the elements and signs that distinguish a brand from competitors in the market. A brand is everything that makes consumers recognize and trust a business. The rebranding process, in turn, is an extremely important moment in a brand cycle, because every business has its currents and trends that it needs to follow to keep up, otherwise it is behind on market trends .

Our client – Hotel Sevtopolis Medical and SPA, asked us to help them in this important step – rebranding. In this article, we will tell you how the process went.

Task: To rebrand and transform Sevtopolis Medical Hotel and SPA, creating a new vision of the hotel, and an idea behind the brand.

Idea: Hotel Sevtopolis Medical and SPA wants to be different from other hotels with a completely unique concept, and the main goal was to connect the vision of the hotel with our ancient Bulgarian past, spirit and the connection between the physical condition and mental state.

Execution: After refining our client’s rebranding concept, we began to execute the process. Our first task was to come up with a new logo option, the new color scheme and fonts, as well as new elements to add to their visual identity, and then apply them everywhere.

The idea for the new logo was to consist of two parts – an ideogram and a name. The ideogram in the logo consists of three elements: first, the Old-Bulgarian Tangrist Cross, which shows the connection with the roots of the Bulgarians. Secondly, the circle, which is a symbol of completeness and wholeness, and thirdly, the shape of the lotus, which is used in Eastern cultures as a symbol of healing the body and soul. And our finished product looks like this:

ребрандинг Sevtopolis_logo_small

The graphic elements we added as part of our visual identity are:

Images of leaves that embody the connection to nature and its healing secrets


Stylized images of Thracian frescoes on a Thracian tomb, thus creating a link with location and heritage.


Our challenge was to preserve the basic lines of identity, but at the same time to give them a more contemporary and clean look.

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