How to create a successful blogger campaign?

In 2017 we started working with our client New Wave Holidays – a new and modern Bulgarian tour operator. At the beginning of our cooperation the challenge was to position the brand well and raise awareness because it was relatively new to already overcrowded Bulgarian market.

Task: To promote the services of the brand among Bulgarian tourists.

Idea: In order to reach more potential users outside our own brand communication channels, we decided to create a blogger campaign, so we could use the platforms of various Bulgarian bloggers who have their own audiences.

Potential audience: 104K

Performance: First, we had to select 20 blogger with a large enough audience and corresponding to the idea – ie. travel bloggers. For that purpose, ASTOM – “Association of the owners of tourist online media” in Bulgaria – was very useful.

The next step was to decide how to attract the attention of bloggers so we can get posts in their channels. It occurred to us that everybody likes to receive gifts, so after many ideas we finally picked great scratch cards with the world map. The idea is definitely suitable for travel bloggers – you visit a destination, mark your map where you are, then you see where you still have to go.


We decided that the card was not enough in itself, so we also prepared a discount card for New Wave Holidays services, that bloggers had to share in their channels to benefit their fans with the opportunity of a discount.

The design of the promo code card was designed so that it could be scanned as a barcode and activate a chat-bot. Chatbot is undeniable innovation in our country and its charm lies in the fact that each user receives an individual message that creates a sense of importance and personal attitude.

newwaveholidays.bg_2412685 (1)

In addition, each of our bloggers received a nice, personalized letter matching the content of his own blog, in which we thank him for working to promote our country as an attractive tourist destination, briefly explain the services of the brand and create a relationship for future working relationships.


All that beautifully wrapped and handwritten by our team of designers.


Twenty shipments went to their recipients across the country, and one of them came all the way to Austria.

Results: Our goal of reaching a larger audience was achieved. All bloggers received their gifts with gratitude. And there is more:

9 of them actually shared photos of the gifts + discount promo code in their own pages. This brought us access to an audience of nearly 59k potential clients.

– We have acquired another 4 potential partners, who have shown interest in future joint projects.

Satisfied with the results achieved, we are embarking on new, creative projects for which we will also tell you soon. For more creative solutions and successful practices keep an eye on us and don’t stop following our blog. 😉


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