Influencer marketing under a magnifying glass or how a retail giant entered the Bulgarian market

They say that time is a continuous quantity that flows equally for all observers. Well, we can safely say that is not true. For us and our client, it all started in the summer of 2020, when for some time had almost stopped, and for us it was only now accelerating with an unprecedented speed. The German giant KiK opened its first store in Bulgaria, and at the same time began its influencer activity and online communication on Instagram and Facebook.

And so we dove into the ocean of textiles

Yes, textiles. Offering a quality and at the same time profitable one is the essence of our client’s activity and represents 70% of its assortment. The product range includes men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and is complemented by other items such as gifts, accessories, decorations, toys and much more. Today, the chain is among the largest retailers and definitely number 1 in Europe. It has over 3,400 stores in 12 European countries, employing over 24,000 people. And come to think of it, it all started as a small family business in 1994.

Our mission was to make the brand recognizable and popular with the its wide product range and extremely affordable prices and a year later we consider it successful! We created and managed online and offline campaigns for the opening of 9 stores, 3 of which in the capital. We have successfully collaborated with over 20 influencers, generated over 35,000 likes on the brand’s social media channels and achieved above-average engagement rate for the sector.

Below you can find some of the product visuals, which we communicated.

viber_image_2021-03-16_15-47-54 viber_image_2021-03-16_15-47-55
Of course our out-of-the-box thinking and creativity, through which we imposed the brand identity, did not stay in the background.

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 19.44.44 KIK_Interesni fakti1
One of the most effective formats for the brand when opening new stores was the creation of Instant Experience – a format that allows immediate reproduction of the product range offered in stores. Navigating through it, mobile users can get informations in a matter of minutes about the trends that KiK, as a market giant, is imposing. Exclusive browsing from mobile devices has allowed us to keep users’ attention longer than usual. With the last one, in just 3 days we managed to generate 241 thousand reach and an average viewership of 30.29 seconds! Drawing the line, more than 3,500 users decided to view the German discounter’s page.

Like all big brands, KiK loved the influencer world and wanted to be a part of it.

We wanted the first store opening of the chain to be appropriate, so we invited to The Mall some of the most radiant and liked people to light up the store with their presence – ValerieMona and of course Danny and Alex Petkanovi. And so it happened.

Facetune_08-06-2020-12-20-16 Monagocheff 20200605_142918
The day was amazing! More of our expected visitors came to see the store and took advantage of the discount. Of course, there were those who had come to see their favorite online stars and shyly waited by the balloons in front of the entrance. Many more store openings followed in various cities.

And so we came to our favorite city – Plovdiv.

With each new store opening, we managed to fill the air in the store with the radiation of big and local influencers. In Plovdiv, the mecca of our agency, the center of our universe and a source of creativity, turned out to be the favorite of all events. For this opening we worked extremely successfully with local influencers.

In a few days we managed to achieve over 21 000 views on Youtube. The posts had a total of 150 000 reach rate and  the stories – 190 000!

Quality content is an absolute priority for our client, and the formats we use vary. From the favorite photos, through short video stories and longer video formats on YouTube.

IMG_8985 vibe1r_image_2020-09-28_17-27-27 2020-10-13_13-22-54

We would like to show you our work on all store openings in the country, but let’s be honest – who reads too long case studies?

The opening in Pleven took place in the company of the charming Tea, the great Magdalena and the beautiful Antoanet.

image0 805A6ED5-CB1F-4C2A-84C3-0190A36FB936 1unnamed
In the second opening in Sofia was the excellent #МамаНаДвама and journalist in Na kafe – Natalia Takova. We don’t forget about the great fashion bloggers Atidorablog.

2. @natalia.takova image00001
We deliberately didn’t mention some the influencers – it’s up to you to find out who they are, and they are quite a few. 🙂

From our trip to different cities around the country and the opening of new and new stores, we reaffirmed the idea that the already well-known to many influencer marketing is working and leads to better results, especially when it comes to entering a new market and its various regions for an unfamiliar brand. With each campaign, be it for store opening or on a monthly basis, our client manages to attract more and more loyal audience, as well as to diversify their profiles with the work of Bulgarian virtuoso influencers.

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