# Instagram strategies – how to turn followers into customers

In the world of advertising, everything is dynamic. Brands want instant results, but successfully positioning a brand on the market takes years. Building a good reputation among the right audience is a long and well thought out process that requires a great deal of confidence. Looking through the prism of buyers, aren’t we all subject to years of exposure across all advertising channels?

For this reason we should not underestimate the teens of Instagram as an audience. They are our future customers!

72% of Bulgarians on Instagram are under 35, and the cost of advertising on the platform is 3 to 5 times lower. For our longtime customers, Galleria Stara Zagora and Galleria Burgas , we engaged followers with interesting, modern and playful content. We used various mechanics in parallel, such as: modern grids with famous quotes, cross-campaigns, designer stories and other interesting strategies to increase followers and engagement.

We used Grids with famous quotes, which we paraphrased in a fun and intriguing way.

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 10.27.39



Of course, we also relied on the old tried and tested strategies to win new followers with Giveaway, matching the gift with the colorful visual of our current Summer Sales campaign.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 11.18.05

Based on the great idea of our clients, we made a cross-compaign called “Code: InstaMusic”. The mechanics were as follows: customers took their code from a box at Galleria Stara Zagora and sent it to us in a personal message after following the client’s Instagram profile. The campaign lasted 4 weeks, and every week we gave away 2 portable speakers. We were able to retain their interest and prevent them from unfollowing by highlighting the condition that they retain the right to participate in each draw. So they followed us for a month to see if they were winning, and we enjoyed their lasting interest.

gsz code instaJPG


Another super successful strategy has been the creation of cross-campaigns with affiliate brands that have a positive image and a similar target group. A similar example is Galleria InStyle, which brings together products from many different brands that are tagged in publications. These publications were subsequently redistributed as posts and stories by relevant popular brands and reached the large combined audience of all participants. Cross-branding campaigns are a win-win opportunity for everyone to win, and followers enjoy a good product.


One of the most successful approaches we have used is: Celebrity takeover, or in other words, a popular personality who manages the brand profile for a period of time by notifying his or her fan base. In this way, the viewership of the site doubles, and the followers begin to follow us with interest. We invited famous vloggers who invited their fans to come to a series of stories reshared in their their profile. They filmed their travel, gave away prizes and shared the most fun and exciting moments of the event. One of the vloggers is Boyan T, who was there with his mother, and the fans literally went crazy and chanted their names, and our followers increased by 100 in a day.




Successful business requires perseverance. Publishing stories daily is extremely important. Every day, over 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram, and over 300 million stories worldwide.

We want our followers to learn about new collections, discounts and new trends. We show them a variety of fun activities, fashion finds and live videos of the events that take place. Our followers are always up-to-date and see that you can always have a great time at the mall.





We also included some cool designer stories with famous fashion quotes that all girls adore.


We’ve also added some catchy designer stories – short stories, but who doesn’t love them?


We have successfully used stories to promote our new campaigns. We tied the main visual to a short story for a more summery mood.


Developing a profile outside of Instagram – We use other more developed social media channels to redirect our Facebook followers to Instagram, we invite them to follow us, include added value, give away rewards and offer them different content from what we we post on Facebook.



It is important to keep up with the innovations, trends and desires of our younger users by showing them a modern read of the routine in our daily lives. 34% of Bulgarian instagrammers are millennials, using Instagram for an average of 32 minutes per day. Follow us to learn more interesting approaches and insights from our work. Don’t stop inspiring your followers and grow with them. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for content related to our team and many behind the scenes moments.

Alex believes in the magical power of words to transform reality. She says she’s a dreamer and visionary, but is aware that the world is changing when you take responsibility, roll up your sleeves and get the job done. She’s a PR graduate, but quickly realizes she’s a copywriter at heart. She likes to know all sorts of things on all sorts of topics, to delve into one’s thoughts, or in the books, or in the stars.