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It’s FARA time

With the beginning of the summer season, one can visit numerous marketing and business events  in the country. In the city of the hills there are a lot of them to visit too, but the crown jewel of this year’s series is definitely FARA 2018, which is the only event for the creative industry in Bulgaria.

As partners of the event and  Plovdiv’s first creative agency, we decided we should tell a bit more about it in more simple and understandable way.

Let’s start from the beginning.


FARA 2018 will take place between 7th and 9th June 2018 in House of CultureBoris Hristov. It’s organized by BACABulgarian Association of Communication Agencies. At the event we’ll meet more than 500 professionals from the communication industry – art and creative directors, copywriters, advertising & marketing specialist, media and international marketing gurusbasically it’s the perfect place to meet your new creative agency, business partners and even competitors.


The platform includes a competition for communication ideas (Ie advertising ideas and campaigns) and a lecture panel led by international authorities in the fields of marketing and advertising.

On the first day of the festival we’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the creative work of the agencies, including ours 🙂 The competition itself is endlessly fascinatingwe will watch interesting and entertaining case studies by the contestants, we’ll pick our personal favourites and we’ll draw inspiration for our own future projects. Fortunately, the heavy task of selecting the winners is not for us, but for the jury with the stunning count of 21 members. We wonder how they agree about the winners, knowing the notorious Bulgarian intolerance to unanimity. : )

To get a clearer picture, you can check some of the last year winners:

About the second day – come relaxed and refreshed, because a day of learning awaits us. There will be several lectures and workshops, led by international authorities. The overall theme of this year’s lecture panel is Creativity and Efficiency.

And do not loosen up yet, learning continues on the third day too. We will see the last two lectures, the final of which is entirely for marketers. We will listen with unceasing interest about trends, attitudes, behavior and research, millennials and generation Z. And that’s not all of it, there are many more topics to get on with.

Аnd in order to fully relax after absorbing so much information, the festival ends with a glamorous awards ceremony. Oh, and there’s a party. Do not miss the party, we guarantee it’s worth it.


It’s important for each business to have an overview of the power of creative and current advertising solutions. Better knowledge of the basic principles of the advertising industry can help with choosing a creative agency and creating a better briefs for example. And the opportunity to meet and network with the agencies is also extremely useful.

The development of advertising is really fast, especially in Plovdiv and the region, and we, at Social Freaks, as a partner of FARA, feel personally responsible for helping you to catch the wave of progress, because good results are always the result of joint efforts and enthusiasm.


The slogan of this year’s festival is We work together. We win together, because the most valuable campaigns are a result of joint work between two partners, and not only the efforts, but also the satisfaction of the success, are shared. This is the reason why this year’s prize is divided in two partsone for the agency and one for the client.

And if there is a small chance that the one part of the FARA Star has a chance to land on your desk, your presence is a must 🙂


More information and how you can join the event can be found on the official site of the event, cleverly hidden in the Accreditation section. The promotional prices are valid until 31.05.2018.

And if we missed a question you might have to ask, do not hesitate to contact us. If notwe can’t wait to meet youat FARA 🙂

Elitsa Mihaylova

Ely establishes a web design and multimedia studio in 2003. She gets a Marketing MBA from City University of Seattle and then she gives wings to her to love to marketing and digital world by creating "Social Freaks". Ely will love your brand and will commit to its evolution, will show you if you are making a mistake, she will create a strategy development plan and will make your brand flourish. And when she is not talking about bussiness, you may hear her sing in a night club for her hobby.