The voice of a colorful brand – “Photosynthesis” case study

If there’s one word, with which we could describe the brand in this case study – that would be DYNAMIC.

And still, that’s only one of the words, with which we would describe Photosynthesis – a place for photography, people and ideas.  We have many others for them, and they’re all from the heart.

When they came to us, that dynamic was on at full steam. They had begun preparing for their 10 year anniversary, which had a program full of exhibitions, promotions, speakers, workshops and everything of inspiration for photographers. And we were there – with them – to help them share their holiday with more people on Facebook.

A small part of our work for the festival:




The celebration  as any, came to its end, and Photosynthesis chose us for the management of their Facebook page. The dynamic though, wasn’t over, not at all – events, exhibitions, promotions, plein airs, worshops continued, and we had to find the direction of the brand in social media. We saw that one thing was a constant over the daily tumult in Photosynthesis – that they are community, “a place for photography, people and ideas”. And that’s what we wanted to present them as to their fans and future ones. To engage the photographers of Bulgaria, we understood that we need a strongly specific content, that’s why we chose to talk to photographers… as to photographers.

We talked about photography:

About peculiarities of its history:

We talked about the photography life:

We joked:

We asked questions:

And other things:


We also celebrated holidays in our own way.



With the content we made, we’ve shown that at Photosynthesis there’s always something to hear, some cause for a laugh and something to be inspired by. We attracted new people to their community, who hadn’t heard of it, and they got to know the place for photography, which spoke their language.

As it turned out – photographers are loyal customers, and that helped us a lot with all the different promotions that had to be communicated.






































In all of that, we ourselves found our passion for photography and fell in love with the brand.
Even now, after almost two years, the action hasn’t stopped. On their Facebook page you can always find at least two upcoming events, and in their website you’ll surely find a good deal for yourself, even if you’re not that into photography.

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An artist since birth, Krasi has been drawing since he could remember. He hasn't stopped cultivating his art abilities and passion. Along the way he found interest in graphic design which he started to love too. As an artist he's been a part of several exhibitions and has won awards from art contests. His direction is to grow as a modern artist. His goal is to be an expert at design, illustration, painting and all the forms art manifests in. His free time he dedicates to good books, movies and inspiration from life as well as gaming.