Richard Branson’s Motivational lecture in Bulgaria

Bulgaria welcomes one of the most influential, inspiring and successful people in the world. Richard Branson will present a lecture to entrepreneurs, businessmen and people with ideas. There will be an open discussion and the visitors will be able to ask questions directly to Sir Branson.

Sir Richard Branson has managed to turn a small music shop in giant multi-business for less than 10 years.  He is the owner of the Virgin Group conglomerate, made up of over 300 companies around the world. The airline “Virgin Atlantic Airways”, the telecommunication company “Virgin Mobile”, the video game publishing division “Virgin Interactive”, cable TV and radio stations are only a part of the companies in the Virgin Group. “Virgin Galactic” is a member of the Virgin family, too – the company that gives you the ability to travel in the space.  According to official data for the Virgin Group, over 60,000 people work in 50 countries and Branson’s personal fortune is estimated at £ 4,4 billion.

Branson is a book author, an entrepreneur, a highly successful businessman, a man of adventure and last but not least – a man who keeps in touch with people. His LinkedIn social media profile has a record number of followers and he’s one of the most active celebrities on Twitter. He set’s records for the shortest time in crossing the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean with a balloon. He follows principles such as:

„Don’t doubt yourself – nothing is impossible!”

„Live your life!”

„Never give up!”


His books are far away from the boring autobiographies. They are used more as manuals for business behavior and professional success.

We are wondering whether he is coming to Bulgaria to invest, as the investment specialists have already said, or his lecture aims to motivate Bulgarian young entrepreneurs.


The event will take place on 19th May in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture.


Video message on the occasion of his visit to Sofia.


Tickets can be purchased from the ticketportal.bg platform here.
Special Partner of the event: British Embassy in Sofia
Exclusive Media Partner: bTV Media Group

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