LAZARINI: The Transformation of a Fashion Brand for Men

One of our most favorite things is to help brands reinvent themselves and their identity! That’s why we were all enthusiasm and ideas when the founders of the fashion brand LAZARINI entered Social Freaks’ office. They were looking for new and fresh ways to present their business and reach a younger audience and we took the challenge to be their creative agency – in charge of the task to create a strategy for their future and completely transform the brand and the way people see it.

Here’s a short itinerary of our brand journey in search of LAZARINI‘s new brand identity.


A New Logo & Slogan is Where We Started

We did’t want to “deviate” too much from the original logo. After all the brand has a 21-year-old history on the Bulgarian marketplace. What we did was to simplify the logo design and at the same time keep the emblematic curve of the letter “R” and the basic brand colors – black, red and white.

Knowing the brand’s goal to reach a new and younger audience, we started brainstorming for a new slogan that would best describe their identity and primary mission. After a few hours of throwing ideas on the table, the most simple slogan stuck around. “Dress Well” is a short and clear message to all men who want clothes that make them look good and are affordable.


But what is a brand without a face people can identify with? That’s why …


We Found the Brand’s New Face

We were looking for a person who can be the embodiment of the young, modern, urban man who knows how to dress well and can find everything he needs at LAZARINI‘s stores. We were fortunate enough to find Kaloyan. Dressed well from head to toe with the brand’s clothes and accessories, Kaloyan became the new face of the well known brand.



We Suggested a New Styling

We knew that the modern urban man loves to be well dress at all times and occasions. That’s why we chose outfits that represent different aspects of the a man’s life. We experimented with colors, accessories and we’re satisfied with the results.

comparison-enWe created special flatlay shots. We wanted to show different outfits and combinations with accessories – bow ties, shoes, belts and scarves.




And in order to present the brand well online …


We Created a New Website

We decided that LAZARINI‘s new online home should have a simple, minimalist design with white background that would make the clothes stand out more. And in the months to follow we will be focused on transforming the brand’s website into a successful platform for online shopping.

Visit LAZARINI’s website:


We Spread the Brand’s Message on Social Media

Especially for LAZARINI‘s Facebook followers we wanted to offer practical and engaging content. That’s why we created different rubrics and visuals to attract the attention of men – fashion advice, inspirational quotes, outfit ideas, video clips and many more.

We also started reaching out to new groups of people through the rich mixture of content we share on social media.



What’s Next? 

LAZARINI‘s dramatic makeover is just starting. We are planning on tons of new campaigns that will put the brand on Bulgaria’s fashion map once again and will make the name LAZARINI recognizable and loved. For now we’ll keep all our plans for ourselves so follow the brand on social media and stay tuned.

Lazarini Facebook:

Lazarini Instagram:


You can find LAZARINI’s stores in Plovdiv, Burgas & Stara Zagora. 

Elitsa Mihaylova

Ely establishes a web design and multimedia studio in 2003. She gets a Marketing MBA from City University of Seattle and then she gives wings to her to love to marketing and digital world by creating "Social Freaks". Ely will love your brand and will commit to its evolution, will show you if you are making a mistake, she will create a strategy development plan and will make your brand flourish. And when she is not talking about bussiness, you may hear her sing in a night club for her hobby.