# TrendIdol – the followers moment to shine

Social networks connect us with the stars, the latest fashion trends, the challenging photo shoots and with all kinds of life stories. The desire of young people to conquer all digital channels, podiums and lenses materializes in the modern #TrendIdol campaign created upon the idea and brief of our client’s marketing department – Galleria Stara Zagora, behind which stands a stylist with a sense of fashion and contagious enthusiasm.

The insight was the dream of followers to be glory, to feel famous and “chosen” and to receive special attention. The mechanics of the campaign were – first register for participation on the site, after which the winners receive a photo session presenting them as real stars, dressed according to the latest fashion trends and receive a wave of praise from our followers.

We first started with a landing page on the website containing a registration form and promoting the campaign on the brand’s social networks. Naturally, hundreds of Stara Zagora citizens took part in the challenge.



Initially, only girls up to 29 could participate in the casting, but because of the great interest in the campaign, we decided to include the gentlemen in the race as well. To date, two lucky ones at the beginning of each month have the pleasure of becoming the #Galleria Trends Idol. The winners are announced on Facebook and Instagram, where we also reveal some information about them. The winners are enjoying the attention and their followers are waiting every month to see the new stars of the Galleria Stara Zagora.


Following the announcement of the winners, the most interesting part follows – filming the photo shoot itself. Famous brands provide stunning outfits, and a team of makeup artists, hairdressers and the incredible feel for stylе of Galleria Stara Zagora transform the #TrendsIdols using the most impressive and modern fashion trends.

Some of the photo shoots are sporty to show women that they can look beautiful, even when going to the gym.

final gsz 1Capture

Other photo shoots are romantic and feminine, emphasising the tenderness of the ladies.


We also presented photoshoots for working ladies, emphasising their independence and elegance.

final gsz 4Capture

We also surprised our followers with a sporty-elegant look, focusing on bold fashion solutions.


When the frames are ready, we publish an album in which we tag the tenants and tell curious facts about the winners themselves. Many of the winners are couples in life and their followers are happy to enjoy their stories. Others get to know each other during the shoot and embark on a shooting adventure together.

trend idol 5

final gsz 5Capture

On Instagram, followers also keep an eye out for new winners every month.


#TrendIdol is one of our favorite campaigns because it combines new fashion trends, personal stories, young enthusiastic people and does not require a huge budget, but is super successful. That’s why we decided to also make it in Galleria Burgas, where the campaign was also met with a lot of interest.

In conclusion, in the 1 year and 5 months since the campaign began, we have delighted dozens of young people, offered positioning for many brands and shopping center tenants and have intrigued thousands of followers. The next #TrendIdol might be you?

We can’t wait for new challenges and campaigns to share. Follow us on Instagram, where we will inspire you, surprise you and positively impress you. 😉

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