VIP DISCOUNT CARD – One summer is not enough Case Study

VIP Discount Card is a card especially meant for bulgarian and foreign tourists spending their summer vacation in Burgas. It offers discounts for new collections in more than 80 stores, discounts when visiting the etnographic, historical and archeological museums of Burgas, discount when visiting the interactive museum “Aquae Calidae” with a 3D movie projection, discount when visiting St. Anastasia island and free shuttles from resorts near Burgas to Galleria Burgas and vise versa.

Main task: To promote the VIP Discount card online to bulgarian tourists, summering on the South coast in 2017.

Idea: To reach a wider range of users and to show its distinctive features we created an entire online communication using Google AdWords campaigns, Facebook Ads, E-mail marketing and creating a landing page. VIP Discount card granted unique experiences which made one summer “not enough”.


Landing page: We have developed a landing page which included all the advantages of the Card. We have explained in detail:
- all the information on the discounts in Galleria Burgas’s stores for the price of all new collections;
- short information for the museums and the discounts; 
- photos and history of the interactive museum “Aquae Calidae” and Saint Anastasia island;
- schedule of the free shutles from resorts near Burgas to Galleria Burgas and vise versa.

The users pre-ordered their VIP Discount Card through a registration form on the landing page. They have received it from the Information Desk when visiting Galleria Burgas.

Video – For the aims of the campaign we wanted to present the card in more interactive way. That’s why we have shooted 3 short videos. They have included different target groups and have had different aims:

   1. Video 1 – It shows young people that spend their free time in Galleria, declare their VIP card online and pick up it from Information Desk. The video aimed to show how easy is to take your VIP Discount Card. 

Video 1

Results Video 1: 29 024 post engagement, 1257 link clicks, 168 057 reach
   2. Video 2 It shows girls who are interested in shopping and enjoy the many purchases made with the card. The video aims to show the large number of stores where the card is valid.
Video 2  

Results Video 2: 22 161 post engagement, 3 929 link clicks, 225 271 reach

   3. Video 3Friends who visit the museums and Saint Anastasia island. The video aims to show shared happy moments with friends and the places that every VIP Discount Card owner could visit.
Video 3

Results Video 3: 21 313 post engagement,  3 244 link clicks, 102 208 reach

The videos were taken for publication on the Facebook page.  

Facebook - Facebook communication lasts 3 months. Two goals have been identified - achieving great awareness and generating leads on the landing page.
Designer visuals, games, static images, videos, canvas images - especially for mobile devices, video slideshows, boomerang gifs, gifs, 360-degree photos were used.

Vip-summer-post-12 VIP-Discount-summer-july VIP.Disc-post--july

Facebook Campaign Results: 
June – 206 046 reach, 2236 post engagement, 2468 link clicks; 
July – 471 526 reach, 2155 post engagement, 5 584 link clicks;
August – 492 841 reach, 31 935 post engagement, 7 792 link clicks;

Newsletters – Two newsletters were sent during the campaign. 
The first one reminded all VIP Discount card holders of previous years that they could again take their card and take advantage of it in the summer of 2017.
Results: 41,8% Open rate 

The second reminded everyone who has already declared it that it is valid until the end of September and the many advantages it brings for an unforgettable summer.

Results-34,9% Open rate

Google Adwords - Parallel to the Facebook campaign, banners with three different design ideas and sizes were tested. 
We chose the best performing  one for a quarterly campaign aimed at taking users to the landing page to claim their card.

google 3 versions google final version

Results Google Adwords:

Display campaign – 101 000 impressions, 575 website clicks;

Remarketing campaign – 329 000 impressions and 2352 website clicks.

In addition to online communication at the beginning of the campaign, we also had a cover in the GoGuide magazine:

Cover Visual

With the VIP Discount Card, more than 1,000 consumers took advantage of discounts on new collections in over 80 stores, cheaper access to museums and landmarks, and free shuttles from resorts near Burgas to Galleria Burgas and vise versa.

For good stories, one summer is not enough. 🙂

Pepa has an Engineer Bachelor degree, but abruptly she changes the direction and start studying a master in “Advertising, Innovative Marketing and Brand Management”. The positivity is one of her most distinctive features. Her smile and creativity are always there because of two reasons - singing and professional makeup. She feels great when is meeting with the loved ones with a cup of wine and good music.