WEBIT – first, Plovdiv – second!

For a successive year, Sofia will be a host of the leading European event for digital technologies and innovationsWebit.Festival Europe under the motto: “re: Inventing Europe’s Future”. You could visit it on 25 and 26 April in Sofia Tech Park. With each edition, the interest in the event grows and this year over 5,000 visitors from more than 90 countries and at least 300 lecturers are expected. WEBIT extends far beyond the borders of our country and it has been conducted in Dubai, Singapore, India and Turkey. The event is held under the patronage of the President Rumen Radev, Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova and the European Commission.


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Webit is not only an event, it’s a global community of experts, politicians, entrepreneurs, scholars and leaders of major corporations, which counts more than 100,000 people from different countries who are changing the world today.


This year WEBIT will enlarge its scale. 12 parallel conferences will be held: Marketing and Innovation Summit, Digital Transformation Summit, Smart Cities Summit, Digital Economy Leadership Summit,  Fintech and Blockchain Summit, Big Data and Cloud Summit, Security and Privacy Summit, Health and Wellbeing Summit, IoE Summit, Mobility Summit, Dev Summit and Founders Games.


During the event, there will be a competition for start-upsFounders Games Pitches. 2000 participants with creative ideas are competing with each other in the pre-selection part. 100 of them will be selected and will participate in the winner place. The grand prize will be awarded to one of them – an investment of € 200,000.


Moreover, Webit will give out their annual awards for the best digital projects, innovators and integrators in Bulgaria and Central and Eastern Europe. The dress code at the glamorous ceremony is mandatory: formal wear, evening dresses, suits and bow ties. Here you can nominate contenders for each of the 33 categories Webit AWARDS.




The schedule and more information on the topics and the speakers can be found here:


Sofia has acquired the appellation “Digital capital in the new markets” thanks to WEBIT – the creators of new perspectives. More trainings and seminars have been organized by foreign lecturers. The young Bulgarians catch every trend that comes across to their way and are always in tune with what is happening.

The trend to monitor development in various sectors in the capital is not new, but we are glad that in the recent years, Plovdiv marks progress. In the city under the hills, the interest in digital projects, innovation and technological solutions is growing. The region is saturated with outsourcing companies. Foreigners are moving entirely the locations of their business. Young startups in which professionals found realization in various sectors are appearing. Co-working spaces are springing up continuously, more business events are organizing and global guest speakers are invited regularly.

We feel that the peaceful life in our city is speeding up and we like it.

These achievements inspire us and believe that we are at the very beginning of our development. An event like WEBIT opens the doors to the future and Plovdiv is ready to pounce on it …


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WEBIT – first, Plovdiv – second!

You are welcome on 25 to 26 April in Sofia Tech Park, Sofia and remember that digital capitals may be two soon!

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